Speaking Part 2: Describe your favourite shop (band 5+)

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Jul 7, 2013

Describe your favorite shop
You should say:
- where it is
- what things it sells
- what sort of people are its customers
And explain why you like the shop so much.
Đây là mẫu trả lời do mình soạn cho band 5.0+. Nêu các bạn muốn band 6.0+ thì cần dùng nhiều cấu trúc câu phức để nội dung được dài hơn cũng như thêm vài từ vựng học thuật nữa nhé:

My favourite coffee shop is Highland Coffee. It is a well-known Vietnamese brand name specializing in: coffee, milk tea and some special beverages.

Though this shop has a menu with over 20 items, coffee is their hot selling product. I sometimes drink coffee, but most of the time I go there to have a refreshing cup of milk tea. Students, teachers, white-collar workers, and office executives who love coffee or tea, like to hang out at this coffee shop.

There are some reasons why this coffee shop is my first favorite.

Firstly, I love their music choice, interior design, and friendly attitude.

Secondly, I sometimes like to chat with my friends and there is no rush to vacate my seat for a new customer.

Lastly, they have a great environment and polite and professional staff to serve the customers.

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